July 17, 2014

Anonymous said: Hi, I really don't know who to ask this to but figured you might be able to help. I'm a trans guy seriously considering going to New College and while I've heard that the campus is generally very LGBT+ friendly, I haven't found anything on school policies. Do they assign dorms based on identity? Are counselors there knowledgable about trans issues? Also, is there a trans community there or openly trans people? Thanks so much!


Hello Anon!

Thank you so much for this question, you came to the right place!

NCF is really LGBTQIA+ friendly, Queery and Aced it do a great job with sexuality things.

Dorms are not currently based on identity but you can request to be put into a particular type of dorm as all of the dorms are co-ed and if housing tries to screw you over (it’s been known to happen very frequently) then you can throw Title IX at them to remind them that it would be discriminatory to put you in a dorm you were not comfortable in based on gender identity.

Counselors at the CWC are knowledgeable about trans issues and identities and depending on your advisor they tend to be pretty good with things (I would send your professors/advisor an email about how you identify and what name will show up on rosters and what name you will be using). There are a few places in Sarasota with good therapists but not everyone can afford that and the CWC does a pretty good job.

There are a lot of openly trans people at NCF! TransSwagger is a trans closed group on campus where trans students have a safe space to talk about trans things.

We have gender neutral bathrooms, too!

If you have any questions about TSwag or anything else trans related on campus then you can send us an ask privately and we can put you in touch with a person to help you out with specific questions and concerns!

We’re currently writing our gender-based non-discrimination policies to make sure that across the entire institution, we’re treating our community members fairly—that means trainings for faculty and staff members, trying to make the campus name-change policy easier, etc. So you’ll see all of that stuff go up on the website in a few months

July 17, 2014

Anonymous said: What do you think the dress code for decadent desserts is? Like should I wear a dress or could I get away with shorts and a t shirt?


You can probably wear whatever you like. It’s called “Decadent” desserts but you can dress how you feel comfortable. I would guess that most people will wear business casual, but this is a thing I could be totally wrong about.


You can dress however you want! Some people wore shorts and t-shirts last year, most dressed like “going out to dinner at some not-chain-restaurant” which is to say “casual but still wearing clothes”

July 17, 2014

scullysmokes said: What sort of typical "school supplies" (ie folders, binders, highlighters, etc) should we have for when classes begin?


I think that really depends on what kind of note taker you are and what kind of classes you’re taking. Personally, I ended up using a multi-subject notebook, a highlighter, a pen, some post-it note tabby things and index cards—out of all the school supplies I brought (every possible item you could use in existence). Find a system that works for you and stick to it.

I think having a calendar—physical or online—is more important than having a ton of school supplies.


July 6, 2014

Anonymous said: Are ISPs in January? During that time do you only work on your ISP? I want to study business, so I was thinking of doing an international and area aoc. I was offered a chance to go to another country and observe/possibly work for the CEO of a large company there. Would NCF allow me to leave for the month or a few weeks in order to do this, even as a freshman?


ISP is usually in January, though I’ve heard things about summer ISPs happening (usually this is connected to people who were otherwise academically occupied during January, doing study abroad or whatnot). 

During that time, yes, your only academic obligation is your ISP. Of course, on and off campus job still exist and clubs still happen and so on, so you might have other “work” that you’re doing, but no classes.

Now, I went off campus as a first year for my ISP. I know it’s possible (duh, I did it), but it’s HARD. You will need to get this figured out by early October at the latest. You need advisor support and an ISP sponsor, then you get to go ask the Provost for permission using some forms. 

The school likes to keep first years on campus for ISP, so fighting your way off campus isn’t easy. Your case will be helped by the fact that you have an opportunity that you literally cannot find in Sarasota, so make sure you stress that in your petition to study off campus.

If you care about it and will follow through on all the forms, and you can get support from faculty, you can do it. But definitely start getting everything together soon!


June 24, 2014

Anonymous said: do you guys have a list of recommended doctors in the area? Like if we're looking for a GP, cardiologist, dermatologist, therapist, physical therapist, etc. Does anyone have recommendations?


There’s no official list, and I personally haven’t been to any doctors in the area for medical reasons. I’m gonna publish this and see if any Novos have recommendations, but in general - this is the sort of question you would go to the forum for!

Yay forum!

This information is also dependent on if you have insurance and, if you do, what your insurance is, btw.

Now does anyone have general recommendations with various doctors in the area?


If you have insurance, you can go on their website and search for providers locally. 

June 21, 2014

Anonymous said: can you post a link to the bookstore, if it's not too much trouble? thanks!

Here ya go! For “department” it’s the professor’s last name.

June 14, 2014

Anonymous said: Do you recommend reading the books you know a course will cover ahead of time? Possible literature student concerns.


I’m not a lit student like that fuckin nerd (and my superior ugh) Bianca, but generally and always yes. Do the proactive and good thing while you still have the chance.

(edit: Yeah, what she said)


As a lit student, there’s no harm in reading ahead but professors can and do change the syllabus up to and throughout class, so there’s no guarantee that the books you think you will read are the books you actually read. On top of that, most readings you have will probably have multiple editions and the professor will likely want a specific edition. So I wouldn’t recommend just like, finding out the title and going out and buying whatever copy now or anything. -Bianca

You can go onto the bookstore’s website and pull up the book list for each class if you want to look for cheaper versions online ahead of time. Just remember that you’re schedule isn’t set yet, so don’t buy too many courses’ worth of books. Just remember you don’t know the order that things will be read in!

June 14, 2014

Anonymous said: I added my classes at 1AM and it showed that it went through the system but I want to make sure what do you suggest

As long as you did the double thing (when you first click the ‘add’ button it says there’s an error and you do it again and it works) and you did that, you should be fine. 

You can also go back into NewCleis and under the registration section, click “course request history” or “registration history” and see what it says. 

June 4, 2014

Anonymous said: How can i access the crs? Give me more details


This is an addition to this post which shows how to use CRS. 

First, follow the instructions in this post to access myNCF - if you already have access, skip it. 

Now, how do you access CRS?

It’s pretty easy. 

First, you click on NewCleis.


When that loads, you click on Admissions, Registration, Records and Financial Aid.

Then you click on Student Registration

Then you click on Add or Drop Classes.

And that will take you to CRS.

Remember to submit your CRS by June 13!

May 31, 2014

None of you pay enough attention to me

Woohoo it’s summer I just got out of a 5 hour long board meeting ask me questions!!! 

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